Richard Quirk to perform at Superbooth 19


Richard Quirk with AJHSynth - Friday 10th May at 6:40PM in the Cinema, FEZ BERLIN

This year we are very fortunate to have Isle of Man based Electronic Musician Richard Quirk performing a 20 minute set at Superbooth 19 using a wide selection of AJHSynth Modules.

Richard will be using an AJH Synth based portable modular system, performing music crafted around minimalist melodic songs influenced by location recordings. He has chosen to use an extensive range of AJH Synth modules on all of his recent albums and this set will be focused around, but not limited to AJH Synth Phasers and Filters.

Check out some of Richards music here:

If you would like to hear a very gifted electronic musician getting the very best from AJHSynth modules then this Gesprächskonzert at Superbooth Berlin is not to be missed!

With thanks to the Isle of Man Arts Council for making this performance possible.